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       주식회사 우일종합건축사사무소는 종합 컨설팅 회사로서 건축계획, 설계, 엔지니어링, 사업성검토 및 그밖의 건축관련

분야에서 전문적인 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.  1963년에 창립된 이래로 특히 식품, 음료 및 주류공장과 제약, 전자 및 반

도체, 자동차, 철강, 제관, 기계, 유리식기공장 등의 각종 산업시설에서 축적된 노하우를 갖추고 있으며, 그밖에 상업시설, 의

료시설, 교육연구시설, 주거시설등에서 해외협력업체 와 조인트하여 외국기업의 다양한 프로젝트들을 성공적으로 수행하여


       인류의 환경개발과 삶의 질을 높이는데 힘써온 당사는 고객의 요구에 최대 만족을 주는 건물 및 환경을 추구합니다.

또한 첨단의 컴퓨터 시스템을 구축하여 고객과 초기부터 필요한 자료분석과 디자인의 제시 및 신기술의 개발과 유지관리에

까지 체계적이고 일관성있는 프로그램과정을 갖추고 있습니다.

       새로운 건축문화창조를 위해 선진기술과 지역고유의 사회적 가치, 역사적 의미의 조화에 노력하고 항상 고객과의 만남

을 소중히 여기겠습니다.


                                                                                                                         대표이사 / 회장       이 규 창

       U-IL Architects and Engineers, a consulting organization of over 60 employees, integrates the disciplines of Architecture, Planning, Engineering, Feasibility Study, and related professional consulting work in a total service approach. Founded in 1963 in Seoul, Korea, U-IL is the multidisciplinary firm with design principles that reflect

the highest standards of quality and the latest of technology. Specialized in Industrial (Food & Brewery, Pharma-

ceutical, Electronic & Semiconductor, Automobile, Steel Manufacturing Facilities, Can-manufacturing, Machinery, Glass Plants etc.), Commercial, Educational & Research, Medical, Resort & Sports Facilities, Housing and U.S. Mili-

tary facilities.

       U-IL Architects and Engineers' approach to its service has been an interdisciplinary effort that has been direc-

ted toward developing and enhancing man's environment. While we seek to make the particular environment or building a qualitatively more enjoyable place to use and inhabit, our practice is aimed at finding ways to realize these benifits within the owners program, financial objectives, and time elements. In support of these tasks and to strengthen design, engineering and drafting the CAD system utilizing personal computers has been instituted. We believe the process by which a design solution is detemined is a critical phase in the building program. The process can, and should be, an enjoyable and illuminating experience for both client and architect. For this the client is an indispensable partner in this formative stage of a building's life.

       Much time is spent in learning about how our clients want their new facilities to work, how they wish them to feel to the occupants and the image which clients hope to project to the community. At the same time we seek to find a vista where advancing technology, our inherent social value, and innate historical achievement meet to create a new environment.

                                                                                                                    U-IL Architects & Engineers

                                                                                                                    Representative Director / Chairman

                                                                                                                    Kyu Chang Lee