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  Doosan Tower

  두산 타워

  Doosan Tower


  태평양물산 IT 빌딩

  IT Building, Pan-Pacific Co., Ltd.


  한독약품 사옥

  Handok Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


  하나증권 사옥

  Hana Securities Co., Ltd.


  유한양행 사옥

  Yuhan Corporation


  로이코 사옥

  Royco, Inc.


  보쉬 코리아 사옥

  Bosch Korea Ltd.


  아산시 배방읍 행정복합시설

  Baebang Administrative Composition   Facility, Asan


  운중동 1010 빌딩

  Unjung-dong 1010 Building

1999  한국건축문화대상   


2000  POSCO 강구조 작품상   


    Committee of Architectural Culture Award

       (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport, 1999)

    POSCO Prize For Best Steel Structures

       (Korean Society of Steel Construction, 2000)

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     대지위치 : 서울특별시 중구 을지로

     연 면 적  : 122,585m2

     규     모  : 지상 34층, 지하7층

     구     조  : 철골철근콘크리트조

    Location : Seoul

    Total Floor Area : 1,319,515ft2

    Number of Stories : 34 Stories, 7 Basements

    Structural System : S.R.C

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